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NeuroDigm GEL Model
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NeuroDigm GEL Model creates a robust neural pain model with a physiologic ligature.

NeuroDigm GEL Model uses a gentle percutaneous procedure with a biocompatible gel to gradually over time create chronic neuropathic pain, initiating and maintaining as an ectopic focus or "hot spot". Known pain behaviors are created without the use of surgical incisions, nerve ligations, nerve transections, nerve irritants or chemicals.

NeuroDigm has translated actual clinical experience with chronic pain patients into a gentle animal model based on tissue repair, not tissue damage. This gel matrix model mimicks the healing of a soft tissue injury with residual perineural fibrosis. The model creates a site of arrested neural regeneration in response to a natural stricture of fibrosis by the peripheral nerve ... a pinched nerve.

The solution involves neural tissue repair or regeneration rather than nerve damage ... you will have new solutions

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U.S. patents 7015371,7388124
NeuroDigm GEL™ Model

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